Saving the family home

August 8, 2022

“Robert” like many with a young family had run up debts which he was finding difficult to repay at the penal interest rates being charged. His mortgage provider was breathing down his neck encouraging him to put the family home on the market. Discussions on debt consolidation had proved fruitless.

Fortunately, he approached a Coastway Financial partner to get a property valuation. She said, while they would be delighted to sell the property there was another way if Robert did want to keep the family home. Robert was given Scott’s number.

At the initial meeting Scott told Robert that while many lenders do not look favourably on debt consolidation remortgaging there are those who do and that he’d be happy to arrange it.

Today Robert and family are still in the family home with only one debt (the mortgage) and paying £800 pm less.

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